Victor Hohl


24 Y/O

Bachelor's Degree Fashion Design


''(...)put in relation high society clothing with workwear outfits.''


odern Anarchy is the collection I made for my Bachelor exam. This collection is about the struggle between social classes and equality, an actual theme that I choose to developp by writing a small dystopian storie. 

we the people copy.png
eometric Abstraction
Geometric piece inspired by the triangle, put in relation with Marco Fusinato’s works. 


Geometric Abstraction
Geometric Abstraction
olychromia/Tribute to Zed Taylor
Collection based on polychrome where I took the opportunity to pay tribute to a late friend. 


hort Opposite
Collection based on contrast between cold material in the city and naive, natural soft embroidery. 


Geometric Abstraction


E The People is a collection imagined in response to the latest American presidential elections. It takes its inspiration between pop culture and actuality. It’s a collection that can be compared to a newspaper’s editorial, because it wants to be satirical with humour, not forgetting bitterness. 

ashion passionate for years, I am currently finishing my Bachelor in Fashion Design at IPAC Design in Geneva. This formation taught, and still teaches me skills and values necessary for the career I want to reach. 



VCLUTCHES is the fruit of a collaboration between two friends passionate by fashion. Looking to create unique clutches. The journey could begin, designing, creating, ultra kitch accessories. From designing, production & distribution, we learned a lot from this experience. 

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